Carpet Cleaning

Our┬áhighly trained┬átechnicians receive hundreds of hours of training prior to ever entering into our clients’ homes. We understand the importance of caring for your home.

“Hot Water Steam Extraction is the most effective method of sanitizing wall to wall carpet.”

Bedrosian mobile carpet cleaning vehicles are equipped with the latest in self powered hot water extraction systems. We carry our own fresh water. Soil and dirt are recovered back to our vehicle and taken with us. We make every effort to keep your home free of unnecessary noise and disruption.
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Truck Powered Carpet Cleaning services include:

  • Highly Experienced Crews – ┬áOur Technicians have a minimum 15 years with Bedrosian
  • Fast Drying
  • Low Moisture
  • No Soapy Residue
  • Pre-Treatment of high traffic areas using heated solution applied by a Special Power Applicator
  • Hand Spotting
  • Hot Water Steam Extraction using Truck Powered System
  • Moving of most furniture
  • Soil and Contaminants are recovered in our vehicle and taken with us.

How does Bedrosian clean in home or office carpet?

We clean in home and office carpet with our truck powered extraction method using hot water and correct PH cleaning solutions. Our extraction system provides the most thorough result removing most spots and soil build up.

How long is the drying process after cleaning?

The average dry time is 8-12 hours. Dry time will vary depending on how soiled the carpet was prior to cleaning. Heavily soiled carpet require more cleaning solution and will take longer to dry.

How often should my wall to wall carpet be cleaned?

Carpet manufacturers recommend every 12-24 months depending on the level of traffic in your home.

Do you guarantee the removal of all stain and spots?

No we can not guarantee that all spots and stains will be removed. Many household spills and soils permanently change and discolor the carpet.

Do I need to vacuum prior to the scheduled carpet cleaning appointment?

We do not feel that vacuuming is necessary prior to cleaning. Our truck powered systems vacuums as it cleans.

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