Area Rug Cleaning

For more than 100th year in business, Bedrosian has specialized in the care and cleaning of handmade and machine made oriental rugs, needlepoints, hooked rugs, kilims, and other fine area rugs. Area Rugs should only be cleaned in a well-equipped facility, and never cleaned on the floor in your home. Pretreatment and hand washing can only be performed under controlled conditions. Pet stains and wine stains for example require special treatment prior to washing to insure the best results.

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The following procedures are used for cleaning and caring for most area rugs.  Some rugs fibers require other  handling and protocol that we can better determine once the rug is in our facility.

Cleaning Process:

  •  Inspection and Stain Identification – We photograph and pre-inspect each rug carefully to identify any potential areas of concern.
  • Colorfast Testing  – All rugs are tested for colorfastness prior to its cleaning. Note: not all rugs can be wet cleaned. Test for colorfastness prior to cleaning. Note: not all rugs can be wet cleaned.
  • Allergen /Pet Hair Removal – Our Soil Separation  HEPA Filtration System gently removes dry soil and dust prior to washing to insure the cleanest result.
  • Soap and Water Wash Most  wool, synthetic, and viscose fiber area rugs are cleaned using a Full Immersion Washing System. This process insures that every inch of your rug is thoroughly washed both front and back. Our proprietary green formulated cleaning solution and water are both gentle and safe for your rug and the environment.
  • Fresh Water Rinse – After washing all rugs are fresh water rinsed and extracted to ensure removal of soil and contaminants. Leaving No Soapy Residue
  • Drying – Climate Controlled, dehumidified drying is vital in creating the correct result
  • Final Inspection – Grooming, finishing and detailing
  • Rolled and wrapped for protection
  • Pick up and Deliver – Most rugs can be heavy and bulky to move. A skilled set of hands is usually best, so you may want our staff to pick up and deliver for you.

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